Hi, I’m The Head Mistress. The creator, curator, and main contributor to this site.

Most people call me Rebecca.

I may have a mere four years’ experience working in young people’s sex education, but that’s been more than enough to leave me hardened, unfazed, and with a healthy — and necessary — sense of humour. I tip my hat to the many who are my peers, my role models, and my inspiration.

Originally hailing from Toronto, I have left the colonies for the Queendom and currently reside in sunny London, England.

When I’m not writing tasty articles for your enjoyment, you can find me watching films, creating delicious baked goods, and obsessively researching the surreal mating habits of animals like the angler fish. I am also a firm believer in the Oxford comma.


The Head Mistress values your input! Please contact her with questions, comments, and feedback that are as scathing of this site as she is of conventional sex education: rebecca[at]sextracurricular[dot]com