What kind of sex ed did you get?

Whether you’re from Europe or South America, 50-something or 20-nothing, home-schooled or a public-system graduate, odds are you had incomplete, incorrect, or even non-existent sex education.

School sex ed curricula are all over the map. Talking to parents may induce vomiting. And if you use mainstream porn as an education tool, you might as well try to learn math from Good Will Hunting.

Misinformation, shame, and inequality pervade most of the dialogue around sex.

So where do you go to get the straight goods on all-things-sex?

Enter sextracurricular.com.

Your phys ed teacher didn’t get into this when he showed you photos of herpes. Your mom didn’t mention this in her birds-and-bees chat. And we get down-and-dirtier than your favourite porn star.

Crafted with humour and outrage, posts from a handful of contributors offer you open, honest, sex-positive, and insightful content. We aim to educate, entertain, and encourage a larger discussion about sex, sexuality, and relationships.

When the school curriculum doesn’t cut it, you have to go outside the classroom for your education. This is the after-school special. This is…

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