Why Speed-Dating is The New Tinder

Nothing beats face-to-face… to face… to face…

Let’s be honest – we’ve all got busy lives. So the instant buffet of prospective partners on apps like Tinder and Bumble truly feels like the 21st century solution to dating. Having a limitless conveyor belt of ready-to-mingles in the palm of your hand might seem like THE way to cast your line into the plenty of fish out there.

But dating apps are most likely wasting your time and steamrolling your success. Let me tell you why speed-dating is the new Tinder.

Online dating offers the illusion of efficiency. You spend significant time browsing options, sending messages, waiting on responses, making plans to meet, hoping the girl in that photo is his sister… And for the time you’ve put in, all you know about this person is that they look cute in five photos and can write 80 characters of clever text.

Eliminate the time investment that online dating forces upon you.

Instead, use that time to call a friend, get dolled up for a night out, and let the speed-dating host’s buzzer whisk you through 15+ mini-dates in under an hour. If you match with someone, you’ll be put in touch after the event. If you don’t, that’s still less time than a fruitless Tinder hunt – and you’ll have better stories to tell from the hour-long experience!

Beyond the time sap, dating apps create unwarranted (and often disappointing) build-up.

Anyone who has been on an internet-spawned blind date knows the sinking feeling when, after weeks of cheeky texts and eager anticipation to meet the flesh-and-blood version of the digital dream you’re falling for, you sit down at the bar together and… it’s just. not. there. That intangible spark just doesn’t exist, even though everything’s a match in the world of pixels.

With speed-dating, you meet, greet, and connect with a handful of real-live people. You get an instantaneous sense of whether you “click” with someone. Since research suggests we’re able to make “remarkably sophisticated social judgments based on ‘thin slices’ of social behaviour lasting five minutes or less,” speed-dating is a strategy for success.

Yes, dating apps allow you to see if you match on those oh-so significant “shared interests.” (Who doesn’t like travel, music, and eating good food?!)

But yet again, speed-dating has a leg-up on the online world of matchmaking. There’s a speed-dating theme for any niche interest!

Do you appreciate creativity in a partner? Speed-dating specialists PlayDate have that covered. Looking for a fellow vegan or veggie? Find them here. Interested in meeting ladies? You’ve got a femme lesbian option. There’s even group speed-dating for those of the polyamorous persuasion.

And if you’re exhausted by the mere thought of small talk with that many strangers in a night, try Shhh Dating’s non-verbal eye-gazing option.

You may think speed-dating sounds horribly stuck in the 90s, but let me assure you – it’s the way forward in the world of dating. Apps come and go. But in-person connection will remain an essential part of courtship and speed-dating gets straight to the point.

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